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Automatic voltage regulator Defender AVR REAL 1500 / 2000


Defender AVR REAL 1500 / 2000 combines two devices in itself: an automatic voltage regulator and a surge protector. It is perfect for computer, peripherals and other electronic appliances safeguard from constant voltage increase or decrease and impulse noise; ensures reliable Over Voltage Protection. Defender AVR REAL protects both your computer and telephone network.

This automatic voltage regulator increases or decreases the output voltage to accommodate it to the operation level required by your electronics. In case of dangerous AC line voltage increase (up to 280V) the automatic voltage regulator will decrease it to 240V. In case of further voltage increase it will safely switch off all connected appliances.

This devise is perfect for computers, peripherals and other general home appliances.

Not recommended to use with electric heaters and industrial equipment.

Not applicable for industrial use.

Technical specifications:
Maximum power capacity:750 W (Real 1500), 1000 W ( Real 2000)
Input voltage:150–280 V
Output voltage:198–242 V
Surge energy rating:320 Joules
Number of outlets:4 (2 grounded outlets + 2 outlets without grounding)
Length:1 m
Dimensions (mm) and weight (kg) without package:210х150х120 mm
Package Contents:
  • Automatic voltage regulator
  • Operation manual
  • Warranty service coupon
Item numbers:
  • 99020 — 750 W (Real 1500)
  • 99021 — 1000 W (Real 2000)
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